Smart manufacturing connects the world

DEPU Group designs high-precision and innovative latest generation rotary and tilting axes and top-class 5-axis machining centers. As a "leading provider of intelligent high-end total equipment solutions", we are committed to providing users with high-quality, highly reliable CNC machine tool products and high-value services with comprehensive competitive advantages.

Rotating and swiveling tables
Milling machines
Service and spare parts

High-end CNC machines

We provide industry-leading total solutions in the high-end CNC field and are committed to ensuring high-quality and reliable CNC machine tool product and services with comprehensive competitive advantages.

Own research team

The company's core team has been engaged in R&D and manufacturing of machine tools for many years


Long-term focus on R&D and manufacturing of high-quality machine tools, rotary tables and accessories.

Intellectual property

A number of inventions and patents are at the core of our technology.

Modular construction

The machines and rotary tables have a large number of modular expansion options.


Closed loop management of product design, manufacturing and quality control for best results.

Perfection in every detail

Continuous innovation and optimization of processes reduces production costs in the value chain. With our technologies you not only increase your margin, but also improve your brand value combined with sustainable development.

Whether rotary table, C-axis, rotary swivel table or modular design as desired - the choice is yours. Pioneering roller gear cam drive, planetary gear or direct drive are at your disposal.

Choose between Siemens, Bosch-Rexroth or Heidenhain drives for your perfect machine tool.

We are characterized by high-end 5-axis machining centers with our own workpiece and tool measurement as well as a large number of current developments and innovations as well as individual, customer-specific solutions.