Mini one-armed harmonic tilting rotary table - THE COMBINATION


The AHH series is a rotary/swivel table in single-arm design driven by a Harmonic Drive gear and is popular as a low-cost positioning unit in CNC machine tools or in automation as a fourth and fifth axis. Siemens and Bosch-Rexroth are available as drives. The AHH series can be used as a dividing head or for continuous movements, enabling the machining of complex operations and extending the machining range.

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AHHA90 Highlights

  • High precision, with Harmonicdrive reduction gear as the core structure. The internal drive is a simulated engagement of multiple teeth in a symmetrical position of 180 degrees, so that the gear pitch error and the cumulative tooth pitch error have a more uniform effect on the drive accuracy, and very high positioning accuracy can be achieved.
  • High load capacity. Harmonicdrive transmission. Together with the number of teeth engaged at the same time, the load capacity is higher than other transmission methods. Smooth transmission, no vibrations.
  • The Harmonicdrive reduction gear consists of a shaft generator, a shaft gear and a spur gear, where the shaft gear is a flexible, thin-walled, elastic part with an outer ring gear that continuously deforms during ring transmission. This eliminates backlash when interacting with the spur gear and achieves high precision and low transmission backlash.
  • Large gear ratio. The single stage reduction ratio can reach 80-100, so you can get a large output torque.


Pre-installed brakes with optional powerful brakes for heavy duty machining.


Small size and low weight compared to conventional gearboxes. The significant reduction in size and weight allows for a very small design. As a result, the Harmonic axis saves space on the machine and reduces the load on the table.


Smooth transmission, low effort, no noise.


Model AHHA90
Worktable diameter mm 90 Tilt axis structure Harmony
Center bore diameter mm / Rotary axis strueture Harmony
height of table( tilting o-) mm 109 Tilting angle range 360°
height of eenter( tilting 90°) mm 75 Rotation angle range 360°
Transmission ratio of tilt axis 1 : 80 Allowable load (when table clamped) FXL>1
(Rotary axis)
Transmission ratio of rotary axis 1 : 80
(Rotary axis)
loading weight kg
0°Horizontal 15
Tilting(O - 90°) 10

Specification for Inspection Accuracy

Model AHHA90
Parallelism between
table surface and base
mm 0.01
Flatness of table surface mm 0.01
Run-out of table surface mm 0.01
Deviation between centerhole
and center of guide block
mm 0.02
indexing precision(Rotary) arc.sec 25
indexing precision(Rotary) arc.sec 10
indexing precision(Tilting) arc.sec 25
repeatability (Tilting) arc.sec 10

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